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Smalls Family

The Smalls family is connected to Woodlands Plantation through the Laboards. Henry Smalls married Mary Anne Laboard, one of the youngest children of Wilson and Sallie LaBorde. According to the brochure of the second annual Smalls-Laboard family reunion, Henry Smalls--probably the father of the Henry that married Mary Anne LaBorde--was "the son of Ben Felder and Annie Smalls. Ben and Annie came over from England on a boat that docked in Charleston, S.C…. Ben Felder was a white Englishman, and Annie was a mulatto." A Ben Smalls, 21, black, is listed in the 1870 Midway census with Ann, 20. In the 1880 census, he is listed as age 32 and living with wife Ann and children Willie, George, Henry, Eugenia, and Rebecca. All are listed as mulatto. In the 1900 census, there is listed a Binn Smalls with wife Ann, and children Rebecker and Edmon. In that same census, there is listed a Henry Smalls, age 25, living with his wife (name illegible) and daughter, Dottie.

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